We have evolved the ever popular Custom Name stickers into the most customisable awesomeness! We present the 'UNLIMITED NAME STICKER' !! in Chrome!

Choose from over 80 Font styles! Choose your Colors! Select your flag - Or Dont! Choose your size! And boom! We will create the most raddest name sticker that is completely unique to you!

If your worried about how it might look, dont stress, send us a message with your order and the design geeks will be more then happy to send you a preview for your review.

The Unlimited Custom Name Stickers will come on a A4 size sheet that is completely chemical & Fuel proof! Depending on the size you choose will determine how many we get on a sheet!
As an approximate guide -
(40mm = 100 Stickers) (50mm = 65 Stickers) (60mm = 42 Stickers) (250mm = 2 Stickers)

Please note these are Premium Chrome! Standard name stickers are also available. 


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